March 30, 2010

  • I moved… and I never told you I was going!

    Well, there have been many changes and I thought that I should find this old space and give you some directions.

    First Busy Bee boutique photography is open in Sewickley! We are at 516 Beaver Street, and you can reach me at 412.901.5901.  HERE is the new website ~ go ahead, subscribe!

    Bellissima is about to be relaunched with a whole new look!  I’m giving you the link to the ‘old’ look, as the location won’t change. Bellissima is plush wedding photography for the bride who has a priority on her photography.  Visit HERE, and get ready to learn more about all our changes ~ I think you will be thrilled to see it!

    Find us on Facebook:  Busy Bee boutique photography and Bellissima.

    516 Beaver Street | Sewickley, PA 15143 | 412.901.5901 |

July 22, 2008

  • where does the time go?

    i wish i could stop time for just a week to get caught up a little – sometimes i get so far behind, i think i’m first!  well, when that happens, the first thing to suffer is my blog…  which is sad.  sometimes i think – i should blog about this!  for example ~  my garden!  we started picking veggies, and actually had dinner the other night with the garden food.  so fun!  ~ or that we are having a Biggest Loser contest at work!  the veggies will come in handy, and with nearly a THOUSAND dollars on the line… well, lets just say, it’s a lot of motivation. :)   we’ve also had weddings and eSessions and TONS of albums to print, which leaves little time to blog.  i promise to do better.

    so!  to get you a bit caught up…

    Ainlsey and Ro will be getting married next March in Florida, and we are so excited!  This is such a fun couple and we had a blast in the rain for their eSession. I’ll snag this one shot to show you  because it is my FAVORITE from our visit.   (i’m thinking this would make a great canvas and/or competition print.)


    HOW was it done?  Brenda was behind them with the flash (don’t bother looking, you can’t see her), flash fired by pocket wizards.  it was quite dark, so everything else was manual.  the flare is natural – and while some may say ‘lucky’, i’ve recreated this flare in other images – i’ll show you another soon. (luck is when preparedness meets opportunity, and sometimes you make your own luck!)  i love this kind of photography, mainly because there is no need for post processing – this is it , straight out of the camera!  to create this kind of photograph, you need to pay attention to composition, backgrounds and know where people are.  you also need to know how light works and how things will be illuminated and hidden (which is why you can’t see brenda).  the best way to know is to try it ~ some things you just have to do for yourself.  i love the street lights and the dude in the window behind them ~ that’s a restaurant, and he was playing the piano.  we did a whole series of night stuff ~ i’ll try to post more with info for anyone who wants to try it.  HERE is their slideshow… from beautiful sunny… ah, not so much… florida!

    ~ciao for now~



July 9, 2008

  • pixel2canvas is the BEST!

    so about a week and a half ago, sarah called to order a couple of canvas prints from her eSession.  fabulous!  now here’s the hitch….  the wedding is this weekend.  before i could think, i said, ‘no problem!’

    so i called the AMAZING folks and Pixel2Canvas and BAM!  they arrived today ~ perfectly on time.  just STUNNING!!  I had to take a few detail photos so that you can see how beautifully the image wraps around the thick, custom frame, and the back!  perfectly finished.  i also want you to see the texture… check ’em out, xanny did!  we also prited and framed a couple of prints as well.  i love having 8×12 mats and frames in stock.  clean classic and no cropping for a professional size. 

    IMG_5957 IMG_5956

    IMG_5949  IMG_5958


    engagement book is posting soon, but sarah and andrew get to see it first.  so, you’ll have to stop back, k?

    ~ciao for now…


June 30, 2008

  • tell me this isn’t like the BEST

    doesn’t this just make you want to get up and dance around the room??

    we need a little smiling and dancing around here!

    it just makes me smile – and i’m dancing in my office…
    (click the little pics below, adjust your speakers,  and get out of your chair!)


    here’s another


    i LOVE these dudes… i might be old, but they are timeless, and transcend decades ~

    here are the mp3 downlods for you, and the album that has them both and more!


    ~ ciao for now ~



June 27, 2008

  • I have some sad news…

    I received an email from my dear friend, Cora.  Baby Gavin was a little fighter and a precious spirit..   If you are the praying-type, please keep Gavin and his family in your prayers and send good thoughts their way to support them in this very difficult time.

    Here is Gavin’s blog.
    Please take the time to cherish the people in your life.


    GavinRPesa803  GavinRPesa372




June 19, 2008

  • Emily and Steve are married!

    Have you been waiting for me to post about Emily and Steve’s wedding?  Well, here you go!


    I loved so many things about this wedding, first, the couple ~ just adorable.  As a photographer, I loved the light, and as the ‘creative, original-thinker’ type, I loved where we went for the photographs.  The David L Lawrence Convention Center provided the perfect shelter and most amazingly original opportunities.  Fortunately, the Kenny Chesney concert was going on across the river, so the convention center was kind of empty.  We took a walk straight down to the river and bouced the light off everything! 

    Here are the Moving Pictures… ENJOY!
    (adjust your speakers!)


    ~ciao for now~


June 14, 2008

  • Emily & Steve are getting married today!

    What a delightful couple!  It’s raining today, and I’m so excited beacuse rain give us the opportunity for romanic light and lots of surpises.  Don’t be sad if it rains on your wedding day, you can’t change the weather, so work with it, and know that you are being showered with luck!



    Here is the engagement book that we created for Emily + Steve.  We ordered a 7.5×7.5 and a 4×4 Photobook from Zookbinders (love them!).  The couple receives the larger one and we keep the little one for our studio sample.  SO CUTE!  We also can print copies for anyone who would like one.

    And HERE is the link to their album design!  Enjoy…  and stop back to see their wedding photos! 


    Ciao for now… I have a wedding to get ready for!

June 5, 2008

  • We are proud of our Penguins!

    Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings, winners of the 2008 Stanley Cup. 

    I think the playoffs really brought the two best teams together and Pittsburgh is so proud of their Penguins…  look to the future and more amazing hockey!

    And this is this cutest fan… don’t you think?

    now to get rid of the playoff beard…


    ~ ciao for now

June 4, 2008

  • Xanny is READY!

    i promised a few images of alexander… and he is READY!  he is very much like an actual hockey player, as you can see below ~ and he grows the BEST playoff beard by far, don’t you think?

    xanID copy

    and just because i know you want to see more…